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Erotics: Theory and Practice

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igotthepills is a community in which to discuss erotics in a meaningful and thoughtful way, where the emphasis is on the explanation rather than the act. That means that this or this approach prevails over this one, or most of what we’re like to find here . In short, why you’re filthy is much more interesting than the fact that your family is staging an intervention for the pornography habit that keeps you home from work.


1. Normative pornographic themes should be dealt with something like this.

2. Entries should be formatted and spelled so that other readers can understand them easily. LJ-cut all entries after 15 lines.

3. All pictures or noises, no matter how tame, should be LJ-cut.

4. Anybody prepared to be respectful and intelligent (but still intelligible) may join, and it’s up to you to decide whether or not this community’s material is appropriate for you. If you don’t conduct yourself properly, I will cancel your membership.

5. You should post something once a month – whether that be something composed for the community, a repost from your journal, or something you found on the wider web.